CERVIN Quality

At CERVIN, we strive to ensure consistent quality of our products and have many safeguards in place to guarantee our quality:


-Fully and exclusively made in France

-All the manufacturing takes place on-site at CERVIN at our own in-house production facilities.

-Products are made, size formatted, ironed and packaged by hand

-Strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process

-Systematic testing products to optimize comfort and detect any anomalies

-High quality materials: cashmere, stretch silk, pure silk, authentic nylon crystal

UNIQUE know-how

Cervin’s home is Sumène, which is known as “the cradle of silk". Traditions and superior craftsmanship have been handed down through several generations.

-exclusive creations and French refinement

LEADING EDGE technology

Innovative and unique knitting operations:

double-sided seamless cashmere or ultra-fine gauge

"vintage"  knitwear designs re-styled for use in our current product ranges

-state of the art technologies used creating the mesh:

3D Lycra summer weight sheer mesh, with three-dimensional elasticity for a perfect fit and optimum comfort

pure silk combined with LYCRA Fusion, a revolutionary combination of run-resistant sheerness, with exceptional homogeneity

a double covered Lycra technique for comfortable, touchable and strong products

HIGH-END, top quality products

-Fully fashioned, shaped along the curves of the leg for a perfectly proportioned curved fit and form

-Double-cuff, lapel notched contrasting finish line, finishing backhand "keyhole" and sub-openwork lines

-decreasing picots at the back for a reciprocated point heel called "French" or reciprocated reinforced Cuban heel with decreasing open stitches.

-Toe, sole and heel: meshed, reduced and reinforced

Invisible-edge or flat seam, ideal for open shoes

CERVIN logo-perforated and punched in the same mesh

-Hand-stitched back seam

-Soft and comfortable hold-up garters

CERVIN branded waistband in soft elastic with a velvet interior

-Cotton, silk/cotton or back pleat gusset in sizes 5-8

For more information please visit our website www.larsoie.fr



The art of wearing stockings !

Choose a Cervin stocking:

Being able to choose the fabric, nylon or silk, the choice of design, with or without seam, but it’s also the finesse and extreme sheerness with the certainty of a quality guarantee.

Top tips and style class from Cervin

Choose a good waspie or suspender belt. Go for a design that fits perfectly on your hips without compressing or twisting, so that your stockings will always be taut, however you move. The garter must be elastic but firm, and above all, with a clip that grips the top of the stocking without crushing it or ever allowing the stocking to slip out.

2 - In order to properly position the seam, slip your foot into the stocking by holding the toe completely straight and roll the stocking up your leg. The ideal is to have the afterwelt around mid-thigh and the welt three quarters of the way up the leg. The front garter is placed at the hollow of the inner thigh and at the back on the back on the dimple of the buttocks.

3 - To prevent you from frowning, wincing and a churning stomach because you fear snagging or laddering your stockings and having a bad start to your day, Cervin has also thought about special gloves for handling stockings.

4 – With your stockings attached, grip your ankle with both hands and slide it into the stocking up to the welt, so that they stocking fits comfortably.