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CERVIN Paris, the nylon stockings brand whose French savoir-faire perfectly symbolizes seductive stockings just like Edwardian seam stockings. This very essence of past memory, is today on the luxury hosiery house CERVIN service to produce exceptional items. The pure crystal nylon Edwardian seam stockings reveal to you enchanted details. CERVIN Paris stockings are of attractive colours, with the originality of bicolour opaque seam stockings for a modern voluptuousness.

CERVIN selection

  • 27,45 €

    Succumb to the delight of « Divine » nylon hold-ups with their wide embroidered lace top and the Cervin logo around the under-welt. Let the charm of embroidered nylon-tulle blend act with delight for gorgeous legs.

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  • 17,30 €

    Cervin hosiery house is the only nylons brand offering you nylon seamless extreme sheer stockings. Enjoy the extreme lightness of CERVIN nylon seamless stockings. Nylon stockings 7 denier of an unequalled transparency are made in France, at the heart of the Cevennes Mountains.

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  • 32,55 €

    New from CERVIN. Tentation fully fashioned stockings are now available in a new color - Blush. An authentic stocking with a pyramid heel. Enjoy the luxury feel of a veil of transparency in an ultra-flattering color that is close to skin tone.

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  • 12,20 €

    CERVIN Capri bicolour blush/black nylon stockings light up your legs. Give a pinch of creativity on your legs with CERVIN bicolour nylon seamless stockings unique in the world.

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